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    Turns Out These 41 Inventions Were All Made By Women, And I Never Knew

    From maritime signal flares to the ice cream maker.

    You know how nothing famous or important was invented by a woman? Because that's the message that's been heavily implied for all of our lives? It's fun!

    A woman looking annoyed

    Turns out — spoiler! — women have invented great things. Here are 48 of the fantastic inventions created by women.

    1. The life raft

    A life raft in the water

    2. The dishwasher

    A full dishwasher

    3. Disposable diapers

    Background of diapers on a pink background

    4. The fold-out bed

    Young woman resting on a bed

    5. The one-handed medical syringe

    A hand using a syringe

    6. Bullet-proof fiber

    Close up of a lot of threads in a weaving machine called a loom

    7. The pizza saver

    A pizza saver, which is a small plastic thing sticking out of the center of the pizza

    8. The submarine lamp and telescope

    Heavy atomic submarine floating in ocean

    9. The electric hot water heater

    A hot water heater

    10. Globes

    A glove in a grouping of school supplies

    11. The call-center system

    A person with a headset on a computer, surrounded by images of technology

    12. The blissymbol printer

    A megaphone

    13. Liquid Paper

    Liquid paper being used over a word

    14. Refrigerator door shelves

    An open refrigerator, with items in the door shelves

    15. The modern ironing board

    An ironing board on top of an iron

    16. Solar stoves

    A cooking set up, powered by the sun

    17. And solar heaters

    A solar heater

    18. The feeding tube

    a feeding tube

    19. Square-bottomed paper bags

    A paper bag with a rectangular bottom

    20. Maritime signal flares

    Smoke coming from a signal flare in the water

    21. Windshield wipers

    Windshield wiper being used on a car windshield

    22. The foot pedal trash can

    Pedal for opening a metal waste bin close up

    23. The aquarium

    People taking pictures of jellyfish in an aquarium

    24. Alphabet blocks

    ABC letters alphabet on three toy blocks in pillar form on wooden table

    25. Paper coffee filters

    A paper coffee filter being used

    26. The compiler

    Some computer coding on a screen

    27. Cataract treatment

    Caratacta clouding of the lens of the human eye

    28. The circular saw

    A circular saw on a wood surface

    29. Quiet train tracks

    Train tracks

    30. The ice cream maker

    A person using an ice cream maker

    31. Invisible glass

    Pieces of glass

    32. The fire escape

    Two levels of a fire escape

    33. The airplane muffler

    Empty airport at sunset

    34. Naturally colored cotton

    Pieces of cloth on clothes lines

    35. Monopoly

    Different special editions of Monopoly

    36. The modern recipe format

    young man cooks a vegan dish from a cookbook

    37. Hydyne rocket fuel

    Space shuttle rocket launch in the sky and clouds to outer space

    38. The home security system

    An electronic security system inside a house

    39. The retractable dog leash

    Black dog leash

    40. The car heater

    Car climate system with display and knob, button

    41. And chocolate-chip cookies

    Chocolate chip cookies on a tray