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    19 People Who Tried To Celebrate Christmas And Failed So, So Badly

    Adding "Jesus" to "Happy Birthday" wrapping paper is a bold move.

    In honor of the holiday season, and the combination of joy, awkwardness, and hilarity it can so easily provide, here are 19 Christmas fails that made my day jolly.

    1. This plan.

    2. This wrapping paper.

    3. This thermos.

    4. This husband, who, it appears learned a marriage tip the hard way.

    5. This photoshop.

    6. This sign.

    7. This lit-up tree.

    8. This ornament.

    9. This prop.

    10. This drywall.

    11. This card.

    12. This Christmas list.

    13. This spelling.

    14. This sock design.

    15. This post-gift-chat convo.

    16. This money.

    17. This joy.

    18. This "whiskey."

    19. And finally, this cat and this tree.

    Happy Holidays everybody!