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    I Just Watched The "Blue's Clues" Pilot As An Adult And It Makes Me Wanna Wag My Tail

    Genuinely never crossed my mind it was all a green screen.

    As I'm sure you'd agree because you clicked on this, Blue's Clues is a magical show. It certainly defined my early childhood.

    Which is why I, an "adult woman," decided to rewatch the first episode to see how it holds up.


    It's Blue, people!!!! Blue!!!!

    Blue in front of the house

    Steve is...very eager.

    Steve, very close to the camera, says, "Hi, come on it, we're so glad you're here"

    After letting us in, Steve tells us it's almost snack time! Then Blue straight-up winks when Steve says he doesn't know where she is.

    But fear not! We tell him where Blue is, Steve playfully scares her (all in good fun), and then he tells us what our snack is going to be.

    Steve says, "We're having...graham crackerrrrrrs"

    But to let Steve know what else she wants with her snack — after graham crackerrrrrrs, plates, and napkins (same, minus the plates and the napkins) — Blue makes a paw print! It's time to play Blue's Clues!

    Blue puts a paw print on the lens

    So Steve gets out the handy dandy notebook! I am freaking out!

    Steve holding the handy dandy notebook

    ~We're singing about finding paw prints~

    Steve dancing

    Yes, Steve! Sit down in the thinking chair and think, think, think!

    Steve and Blue on the thinking chair

    And now we're off! Blue had to have laid out the clues in advance. That is wild. Why do this? Why not just request what else you want for your snack?

    Steve looking at a cup with a clue on it

    Steve's now drawing the clue (a cup) in his handy dandy notebook. Why doesn't he just take the cup with him? We will never know.

    Steve drawing a cup

    Okay, so Steve's debating what the cup could mean, and he literally says, "You can't eat a cup for snack," which is my new favorite quote from anything ever.

    Steve's cup drawing is hovering above him

    Pretty soon, we're helping Blue finish painting a picture of an elephant family. I don't understand how she's gotten so small.

    Steve in front of paint buckets and the drawing of elephants Blue is on top of

    After we finish painting, Steve follows Blue back into room? The main room, where Steve is so surprised when the phone rings that he falls down.

    Over the phone, Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper tell Steve that Blue has made a mess in the kitchen, so we go to check it out. The kitchen's theme is ~yellow.~

    Steve standing in the kitchen, with Mister Salt, Missus Pepper, Blue and the groceries Blue pulled out

    After we help put away the food (with the seemingly extra graham crackerrrrrr going in the fridge), we have to clean up these straws!

    Steve in front of a bunch of straws on a table

    But Steve! There's a clue on a straw that just showed up!

    A straw with clues on it

    This is both a great and a terrible drawing of a straw.

    Steve's straw drawing

    So Steve goes to look for Blue...but's...MAAAAIL TIME!

    "We just got a letter, we just got a letter, we just got a letter, wonder who it's from!" A classic jam.

    Steve holding a letter

    Pretty soon, guess what, Blue goes into the painting on the wall! We've got to follow her!

    In the farm painting, Steve sings an Old McDonald remix with the lyrics, "We are farming for Blue's clues," which is not what's happening. But we take a detour away from looking for clues for a sec to help a couple chicks find their friends!

    Steve holding a chick

    Okay, okay, so we go to find Blue again and we discover the next clue. The sizes of these paw prints are so confusing.

    Steve in front of a cow with three clues on it


    Steve's poor drawing of a cow

    We go back to the thinking chair to ponder what Blue's clues mean she wants for her snack. My money's on milk.

    Steve looking at his hovering cup, straw and cow drawings

    Yes! We figure it out, and the answer is indeed milk! Steve is so excited, he does a little dance! But also...who drinks milk with a straw?

    Steve bringing milk in cups with straws to the table

    Awwww, Steve and Blue have a cute moment. Imagine acting this.

    Blue licking Steve's face

    Everyone comes over to celebrate the milk, I guess!

    Everyone we met during the episode is gathered around the table

    Then, oh my god, it's time for "so long." This ending song is everything. I am on cloud nine right now. I love you, Steve! I'll see you later!

    Steve waving goodbye to us

    What an episode! Turns out, Blue's Clues is just as amazing as I have always and will always remember it being. Thank god. I did not need that from 2020.