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These FDA-Registered KN95 Masks May Be Exactly What You Need For Everyday Protection

When choosing a face mask, why not reach for one that offers a perfect balance of protection, durability, and comfort? Get 10% off your KN95 face mask from Hope Health Supply with promo code BUZZFEED.

Face masks: necessary, safe, and completely ubiquitous.

Two women sitting on a bench wearing KN95 masks

With so many options currently available, it can feel challenging to pick the perfect one.

Young man in holiday sweater wearing a KN95 mask

That's why Hope Health Supply is here to offer one mask with myriad benefits.

Product image of Hope Health Supply's black KN95 mask

Available in packs of 10, 25, 50, and beyond, Hope Health Supply's KN95 masks are FDA-registered, offer a five-layer active filtration barrier, and have been developed in accordance with industry standards.

Close-up of woman holding KN95 mask in her hands

Created and tested for "maximum durability," Hope Health Supply's KN95 masks prioritize protection and comfort.

Woman holds coffee while wearing a KN95 mask

And because these masks are shipped from the US, stateside orders should be a breeze.

Middle-aged woman models KN95  mask

Now that you've heard the word on Hope Health Supply's KN95 face masks, snag your own pack here.

Top-down image of white KN95 mask surrounded by holiday accessories

Images courtesy of Hope Health Supply