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Man With Autism Will Melt Your Heart Meeting Easter Bunny: Let's Send Him To Disneyland

Meet Chris. He has autism. He was diagnosed with it when he was 3 or 4. He has had a love for costumed characters since he was little. Watch how he responds to meeting the Easter bunny. His loving expression will blow you away...

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Man with Autism Will Melt Your Heart Meeting Easter Bunny: Send Chris to Disneyland

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About 6 years ago I wore a bunny costume in Chris' special ed class. What followed was something spectacular. Chris followed me around with so much joy and love, with his affectionate hugs and smiles. What a gift it was to see his fully self-expressed love. Shortly after, I met his mom at the school. I mentioned about the possibility of getting Chris to Disneyland. He has never been. Even then, I had an idea of just how special it might be to get Chris to the place where he could meet some of his favorite characters, such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, etc. At school, when he wasn't working, a lot of Chris' free time was spent watching cartoons online or kid like videos, some of which included a magnitude of disney characters. Anyone who experiences that much joy in the world has to go to a place where their full potential of love can surface. For Chris, that place is Disneyland. To really get what I'm talking about, watch the Send Chris to Disneyland video. Just see how much love he has towards meeting a person in a bunny costume. How beautiful is it to see another human being respond with such love and affection. What a gift. Let's send

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