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Nature Lovers, Here Are 15 Stunning Places In Hong Kong To Dream About Visiting

Who knew Hong Kong had waterfalls like these?! 😍

1. Lion Rock

Daniel Borg / Getty Images

Did you even go to Hong Kong if you didn't make it up Lion Rock? This 495-metre-high mountain is characterised by its rugged shape, and when viewed from a distance, looks like a lion — with local folklore stating it guards the island of Hong Kong.

The peak of this famous landmark has become one of the most recognisable vistas of Hong Kong, and honestly, it's pretty breathtaking in real life. 10/10 must see!

2. Tai O

Nora Tam / Getty Images

Located on Lantau Island, Tai O is gunning for the title of the most enchanting village in Hong Kong. Built entirely on stilts, this floating community is home to the Tanka people, a traditional fishing community. Jump on a dolphin boat ride to get up-close-and-personal with the architecture, before enjoying fresh seafood at this unique destination.

3. Wisdom Path

Getty Images

For the spiritually inclined, fill your soul with a hike up the Wisdom Path. Located on the island of Lantau, this spectacular hiking trail is lined with 38 giant wooden columns that cite excerpts from the centuries-old Heart Sutra text. Written by Professor Jao Tsung-I, an internationally renowned sinologist, this walk allows you to read Buddhist teachings while breathing in nature.

4. Yuen Long

Hong Kong Tourism Board

Close to the border with the Mainland city of Shenzhen, the northwest region of Yuen Long boasts a stunning natural landscape full of parklands, wetlands and tonnes of culture.

For those wanting to sink their teeth into Hong Kong’s fascinating indigenous history, walk the Ping Shan Heritage Trail and discover ancestral halls, temples, walled compounds and the Tsui Sing Lau Pagoda, Hong Kong’s oldest pagoda.

5. Dragon's Back Trail

Joe Chen / Hong Kong Tourism Board

As a mountainous ridge that runs through Hong Kong, it's not hard to see where Dragon's Back got its name. This incredible natural wonder also boasts Hong Kong's most popular hiking trail, which is definitely worth the hype. Located in the Shek O Country Park, this four-hour trail will let you soak in views of southern Hong Kong, including Big Wave Bay and Shek O Peak.

6. Ng Tung Chai Waterfalls

Tuomas Lehtinen / Getty Images

It's hard to believe you can go chasing waterfalls in Hong Kong, yet these natural wonders say otherwise. Located at the base of Tai Mo Shan, the highest peak of Hong Kong, each one of this series of four waterfalls is more beautiful than the last. Spend the day away from the concrete jungle and immersed in this lush jungle playground.

7. Cheung Chau

Hong Kong Tourism Board

For a taste of the good island life, make a trip to Cheung Chau. An easy 40 minute boat ride from Central Pier No. 5, this little slice of paradise boasts a range of things to see, do and eat. Our pick? Drink up the coastal views on the Mini Great Wall before a stint of windsurfing at Kwun Yam Beach.

8. Cheung Po Tsai Cave

Hong Kong Tourism Board

While you're on Cheung Chau, make sure you check out its famous cave. Named after Cheung Po Tsai, an 18th-century pirate often described as a Robin Hood of the seas, these caves were where this infamous outlaw used to stash his treasures.

9. Sai Kung

Hong Kong Tourism Board

For lovers of the sea, the neighbourhood of Sai Kung is calling your name! This area is a lush paradise of mountains, beaches and delicious seafood. It's also home to the famous Tai Long Wan, as well as tiny fishing villages. From the hustle of Sai Kung Town, to the tranquillity of its many hiking trails, this area is begging to be explored.

10. Po Pin Chau

Hong Kong Tourism Board

If you love nothing more than a hike with a killer coastline, check out Po Pin Chau. This small island is located off the coast of Sai Kung East Country Park and is renowned for its breathtaking hexagonal cliffs, which were formed during a volcanic explosion over 140 million years ago.

To catch a glimpse of this beauty, start your 5km hike from the East Dam of High Island Reservoir before making your way back to Sai Kung Man Yee Road. While this hike is relatively easy to conquer, it is completely exposed to the elements, so it's probably best to make the trek during the autumn months.

11. Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park

Getty Images

One of the most important ecological zones of Hong Kong, the stunning Hoi Ha Marine Park is home to over 60 types of hard coral and 120 species of coral fish.

If you're keen to explore below the surface, rent snorkelling gear and discover what lies below the crystal-clear waters. If kayaking is more your thing, this marine park boasts stunning mangrove forests, ready and waiting to be explored.

12. Yim Tin Tsai

Hong Kong Tourism Board

Just off the coast of Sai Kung, you'll find Yim Tin Tsai — an island that has earned the nickname "Ghost Island". What was home to a booming salt trade 300 years ago, the residents almost completely deserted the island by the 1980s. While there have been recent efforts to revive the local culture and population, there are still many abandoned structures littered throughout this beautiful place — which make for an incredible day of exploration.

13. Ham Tin Wan

Getty Images

Beach lovers, make sure you put Ham Tin Wan on your must-see list. With its pristine white sand and jewel-blue waters, this place is widely considered to be the best beach in Hong Kong — and it's not hard to see why!

Located in Sai Kung, this stunning beach requires a hike to get to it, but we promise, it's worth it!

14. Cape D’Aguilar

Yim Man Wai / Getty Images

Quickly becoming a local favourite, a quick trip to Cape D’Aguilar is perfect for anyone wanting a dose of vitamin sea.

Located at the southeastern tip of Hong Kong Island, here you'll see rugged coastlines, sea-eroded caves and the Cape D’Aguilar Lighthouse. As the area isn't affected by light pollution, Cape D’Aguilar is also a great spot for stargazing.

15. And finally, Victoria Peak Garden

Getty Images

What was once the site of the Mountain Lodge, the Governor's summer residence on Hong Kong's famous peak, is now one of the most beautiful public gardens in the region. Mixing Victorian-style features with pagodas, as well as an incredible vista of Hong Kong, this place is the perfect spot for a morning coffee or to catch a Hong Kong sunset.

To get the best of culture, nature and one world-class city, put Hong Kong at the top of your travel bucket list!