13 Ways To Improve Your Wedding Dance Game

The Electric Slide is for amateurs. You can upgrade your line dance with these advanced party moves! Brought to you by Honey Nut Cheerios.

1. Stake out a prime spot on the dance floor.

You don’t want to be dead center or right in front of the happy couple. Sticking close to the DJ booth is good call.

2. Learn how to Dougie. Teach everyone else.

But seriously, help me Dougie.

3. When “riding the pony,” dance a liiiitle slower than everyone else.

Everyone will be drawn to looking at you, but no one will quite understand why…

…talking to you, Sim Alexander Skarsgård.

4. When everyone else sits down, stay on the dance floor.

Not only will you be center of attention by default, the DJ will love you for being a trooper through a dud song.

5. If you’re going to “Cotton Eyed Joe,” give it 110%.

Nothing undermines your dance cred like half-hearted line dancing.

6. When “Cupid Shuffle” tells you to go right, go left.

Chaotic? Yes. Will it get you noticed for your killer shuffle? You know it.

7. If you happen to have a full dance routine memorized, bust it out!

It’s not appropriate to perform the entirety of “Call Your Girlfriend” at work, and your parents stopped caring about your dance routines when you turned 8.

8. Or learn one impressive move and use it liberally.

Ain’t no wrong time to moonwalk.

9. If you’ve got five friends, you’ve got a dance crew.

Make a circle. Challenge other dance crews. Claim parts of the dance floor. Feud. Victor gets seconds of wedding cake.

10. Make up for lack of skill with abundance of enthusiasm.

Everyone is too worried about how they look to be worried about how you look. Have fun!

11. Add more hip action.

Always more hips.

12. Add more arm action.

Always more arms.

13. If you’re having fun, you’ll look good.


You’re ready to raise the roof!

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