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12 Grandmas Killing It On The Dancefloor

These grannies got moves! #mustbethehoney.

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1. This lady who can take any b-boy in a breakdance battle.

2. This gal who knows there's no wrong time for a dance break.

3. This woman whose jam just came on the radio.

4. This grandma on the left who can twerk better than you can walk.

5. Aww, yeah. She's got moves.

6. This elder who knows dubstep is for everyone.

TheFineBros / Via

7. This grandma who Gangnam-styled before Gangam-style was a style.

OSU Buckeyes / Via

8. This grannie who's keeping it classy.

9. Mad props to these G-mas who ain't afraid of props.

10. This lady who loves disco and wants to show the world!

11. These gospel grannies with mad swaying skills.

12. This gal who refuses to leave twerking to the teenagers.

TheFineBros / Via

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