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11 Reasons Carpooling Should Be Cool Again

It's time for a carpool revival. Ride-sharing saves money, time, and...oh yeah, our ENVIRONMENT. So dive into a new Honda HR-V Crossover, pick up your friends, and let the moving dance party begin.

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1. Our environment is so much better for it. / Via

What if you could keep hundreds to thousands of pounds of greenhouse gases out of the air each year? Most cars with a single driver emit 17.68 lbs of carbon dioxide per gallon. By carpooling with even just two passengers, you can effectively cut that number in half. Keep your car off the road for just a day a week, and you'll be significantly contributing to our environment's health.

5. When you're not driving, you can catch up on to-dos.

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As opposed to driving alone, taking the backseat every now and then allows you to check and answer emails, catch up on the news, meditate, make a to-do list, or read. That is, unless you're prone to car sickness. If that's the case, please do not read.

10. Carpooling helps makes the roads safer.

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Carpooling decreases traffic, which in turn decreases accidents (not to mention the road rage that often causes them).'re basically a superhero. Thanks for all you do.

Convinced? The roomy yet compact Honda HR-V Crossover is just the car to get you started on your path to carpooling greatness.