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13 Places That Fit Perfectly Into Any Cross-Country Road Trip

ROAD TRIP!!! Let's get off the beaten path a bit and explore these quirky hotspots. Enjoy America, with the Honda Fit as your guide.

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1. The "Zzyzx" Sign

CC by http://2.0 / Al Pavangkanan / Via Flickr: drtran

Zzyzx, California: Another golden selfie opportunity. The town was once a resort founded by a guy named Curtis 'Doc' Springer. He named it "Zzyzx" so that it would always be listed last in directories. You know what Springer's other nickname was? King of Quacks. For real.

2. Bob's Java Jive

CC by http://2.0 / Homini / Via Flickr: homini

Tacoma, Washington: If you're feeling sleepy at the wheel and need a little caffeine boost, Bob's Java Jive might not be as helpful as you might assume. Jury's out on whether or not they sell coffee. But! It's been around since the twenties, and it's as "world famous" as its sign boasts. Today it's a music venue, and it's definitely worth a visit.

3. Metaphor: The Tree of Utah

Laura Ciapponi / Contributor / Getty Images

Wendover, Utah: Located in the middle of a-whole-lot-of-nothingness on the Bonneville Salt Flats, this sculpture stands at 87 feet tall in stark contrast with its barren surroundings. The artist Karl Momen gave it to the state of Utah, and there it lives, waiting for you to take a selfie with it.

4. Movie Manor Motor Inn

CC by http://2.0 / Barbara Ann Spengler / Via Flickr: sillysocks

Monte Vista, Colorado: Looking for a spot to hunker down for the night after a long day of driving? Here's your spot. The Movie Manor Motor Inn is no ordinary motel — they'll play movies on a giant outdoor drive-in screen, and feed the audio directly into your room.

Topeka, Kansas: Truckhenge is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: trucks coming out of the ground. It's a sight for sore eyes, especially if you're driving down those long lonesome Kansas roads.

San Antonio, Texas: Barney Smith is a retired master plumber, and clearly he took great pride in his work. Every possible space in his humble museum that can fit a whimsically designed toilet seat fits a whimsically designed toilet seat. You're not going to see this anywhere else.

8. Home of the White Squirrels

Olney, Illinois: Albino squirrels, man. They're elusive. See if you can spot one in Olney — that's probably your best bet. Oh, and try and plan your road trip so you pass through in the fall — that's when they hold their annual squirrel count.

10. Unclaimed Baggage Center


Scottsboro, Alabama: UBC for short! This is where unclaimed baggage goes to die. And by "die," we mean "be made available for you to peruse and purchase." Stop in and snatch up some long-lost sunglasses for those harsh glares on the road.

11. Monkey Jungle

Miami, Florida: Joseph DuMond is the mastermind behind this monkey-centric attraction. He set up shop in 1933, and today visitors can still walk through strategically placed cages to observe the monkeys as they run wild. Hence the whole "where humans are caged and monkeys run wild" thing.

Laconia, New Hampshire: If you're looking for a pit stop to get your video game fix after hours of looking at nature, look no further than the American Classic Arcade Museum. It's got over 250 pre-1988 games, and a whole bunch more.

Freeport, Maine: The Tuttle family started farming in this area in 1797, but apparently they didn't do it quite right because the soil eroded and exposed this super-weird sandy desert in the middle of lush Maine. So if you want to feel like you're in two different continents at once, we've got a suggestion.