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12 Signs Your Motorcycle Is Basically Your Significant Other

Admit it — your motorcycle is basically your bae. At Honda, we get it: A sportbike like the Honda CBR300R is so, so easy to love.

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1. You feel awful when you leave your motorcycle outside.

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2. But you feel even worse when you have to lock it in the garage.

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3. You love showing your motorcycle off to the general public.

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4. But if anyone even comes close to sitting on it, you will FREAK OUT.

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5. You love when your motorcycle sings to you.

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6. And you're not above singing to it, either.

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7. You laugh when your friends try to set you up with a nice car.

8. And you become supremely unable when you have to ride in one.

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9. Your motorcycle makes you feel young at heart.

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10. But you can't wait to grow old with it, either.

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11. At the end of the day, your motorcycle is your best friend.


12. And there's no one you'd rather share a sunset with.

Anna Omelchenko/Anna Omelchenko

Wait... are you single? Let Honda hook you up with your soulmate.