13 Childhood Activities That We Kinda Miss

Let’s face it, a lot of the stuff you used to do with your parents was pretty darn cute. Honda’s Project Drive-In is fighting to keep a similar nostalgia alive.

2. Family movie night.

3. Going to the zoo.

4. When this was still an acceptable form of helping your parents with yard work.

5. Reading out loud before bed time.

7. Playing card games.

Bi Dao / Via youtube.com

8. Going to a petting zoo.

9. Any silly time in the yard.

10. Putting on ridiculous made-up plays for your family. And they're all like:

11. Playing with a sprinkler.

12. Making pillow forts that you could sleep in, if you were good.

13. Camping in the backyard and pretending you couldn't easily go into the house for more provisions.

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