11 Reasons Why Your Parents Were Cooler Than You

Your parents weren’t always so boring. Check out all the cool things they used to do, like go to drive-in theaters. Honda is keeping this amazing tradition alive with Project Drive-In.

1. They wore matching outfits on dates and somehow still looked cool.

Greg Younger / Via Flickr: 96552722@N00

2. They danced with a subtle swagger.

agedmusic / Via youtube.com

3. They had the guts to go to a hairdresser thinking, Yep, this is what I want.

Matthew Rutledge / Via Flickr: rutlo

4. The idea that they even had the option to go to Woodstock makes them cooler than you.

5. Your dad definitely wore this turtleneck, chain, and 'stache very casually.

RyanJLane / Via gettyimages.com

6. They got to wear outfits to prom that doubled as theater costumes.

Bob n Renee / Via Flickr: 33989573@N00

7. They learned how to dance in roller skates.

flotterolle / Via youtube.com

8. Your mom had legs for days and wasn't afraid to show them off.

9. They went on steamy drive-in movie dates.

wierdbill / Via youtube.com

10. When they got ready for a night out, they looked this good.

11. They probably hung out in buses that looked like this.

David van der Mark / Via Flickr: 7682132@N05

12. Check out Project Drive-In's results here:

Honda / Via Youtube

For drive-in theaters to stay alive, they need to switch to digital projectors. Honda asked America to vote on their favorite drive-in theaters. Nine winners received brand-new projectors that saved their business.

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