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10 Crazy Inventions You Probably Missed

Some inventions exist because we need them, but the coolest innovation comes from everything we never knew we wanted. Making ordinary life better, it’s what Honda is all about. #HondaInnovator

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1. Charge your electronics with the shirt on your back. / Via

No, no, not like THAT.

Tired of looking for those old, weird outlets? Thanks to researchers at Wake Forest University, soon we'll have shirts that can recharge electronics. So now you won't even have to find your charger—you can just pile all your phones and what-have-yous on yourself. That's the AMERICAN way.

2. Take an elevator ALL the way up.

Via http://Shutterstock

The technology's not quite there yet, but once it is, we'll be able to beam electricity wirelessly, which yeah, is tough to grasp, but totally cool. The process is only at 40% efficiency thus far, but when it's complete the cost and time of space travel will be cut by half. At least.

3. Go swinging in the rain—whenever you want.


Few things are better than swings, and nothing's more refreshing than walking through some light rain in the spring. Now, you can have both. At the same time. Whenever YOU want.

4. Use an air bladder to save your life.

m a n d o l i n / CC BY-SA http://2.0 / Flickr: mandolinn / Via

Never worry about wiping out while out on the water again. With Shane Dorian and Billabong's innovative wetsuit, an air bladder will activate and stop you from drowning.

6. Use a shopping cart that tells you where to go.

It's not quite as good as a cat doing your shopping, but that's surely just a few more years off. Soon we'll be able to text a shopping cart with our information and a list, and it'll tell you where your food is. Plus, it scans items automatically, which means you never have to wait in a checkout line again.

7. Charge your phone while you walk with your baby.

Carissa Rogers / CC BY http://2.0 / Flickr: goodncrazy / Via

Take your baby and your phone for a relaxing stroll. Pretty soon, you'll never be somewhere you can't charge your phone. Except, like, in the middle of the desert while being attacked by gila monsters or whatever.

8. Literally get someone to "shut up."

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Called the "SpeechJammer," this device can record a person's voice and play it back to them in milliseconds, apparently confusing the brain and actually makes that person temporarily unable to speak.

9. Fly like an eagle (safely).

Alexander Koerner / Getty Images / Via

Envisioned by a Swiss company, these coasters have hair-raising turns with carts that actually hang off the side of the track, making you feel like you're suspended in air—or on the wings of a plane.

10. Have your own personal hairstylist. In your own home.


Tired of getting your own hands all up in your own hair? Filthy. Instead, this device will "map" your head, shoot warm water and shampoo at it, lather it up, massage your scalp, wash it, dry it, and boom—you're cleaner than you've ever been. All in fifteen minutes.