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10 Things You Know If You Love Hotels More Than Your Own Dang Home

Staying at Homewood Suites by Hilton is like having a sleepover with service.

1. The sheer amusement of exploring prospective hotels online.

2. The breathlessly exciting moment of seeing your suite for the first time in real life.

3. Actually wanting to shower so you can try out the soap, shampoo, and conditioner.

4. Dat. Pool.

5. Using clean towels that you don't have to pick up off the floor for once.

6. Getting out of bed and knowing that an absolute pro is going to make it for you.

7. Waking up to a *hot* breakfast that's on the house.

8. Knowing that there's a fitness center...that you can totally use...if you want...which you might.

9. Enjoying the complimentary snacks and drinks. Bottoms up, baby!!!!!

10. Dreaming that this was your actual home while sleeping on that big, beautiful mattress.

Why choose between home and hotel when you can get the best of both worlds at Homewood Suites?