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15 Thoughtful Gifts To Send Someone You Miss

We know they'll love it — because it's from you!

1. These fancy long-distance lamps that both light up when one of you touches one.

2. An extra-fluffy blanket to keep them warm when you aren't there to cuddle...

3. ...or a super-squeezable pillow that will remind them of you every time they lay down their head.

4. This adorable care package that will remind your person how beautiful they are inside and out.

5. These beautiful mugs that will remind them that distance ain't no thing!

6. A collection of letters for your mom to open on special occasions!

7. A delightful-smelling candle that will bring them back to the place you met.

8. This lovely lil' air plant to show them how much they rock.

9. Their favorite candies could arrive right at their door...

10. ...or this munchable message could satisfy their sweet tooth.

11. Some bling showing that, no matter where you two are, you're together in spirit...

12. ...or this elegant necklace.

13. This fill-in-the-blank journal could tell them everything you love and miss about them.

14. This quirky mug that will definitely put a smile on their face...

15. ...or maybe a mug that celebrates their *unique* sense of humor.

Whether it's your high school BFF or your parents back home, send them some love! And check out the video below for ways to deal with missing the people you love!

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