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15 Thoughtful Gifts To Send Someone You Miss

We know they'll love it — because it's from you!

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4. This adorable care package that will remind your person how beautiful they are inside and out.

Whether you want to send a get-well package or just a friendly reminder of your love, you can get boxes for any occasion from YouAreBeautifulBox on Etsy.

7. A delightful-smelling candle that will bring them back to the place you met.

9. Their favorite candies could arrive right at their door...

Create a custom gift box with their all-time favorite sweets with Candy Club.

11. Some bling showing that, no matter where you two are, you're together in spirit...

13. This fill-in-the-blank journal could tell them everything you love and miss about them.

Whether it's your high school BFF or your parents back home, send them some love! And check out the video below for ways to deal with missing the people you love!

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