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12 Reasons To Spend A Night In The Eiffel Tower

Fancy a cheeky night-in at the Eiffel Tower? HomeAway has the details...

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1. You'd be the first tourist to sleep there...ever.


And that's a big deal! Much more important than all of those people who thought getting hitched at the Eiffel Tower was a big deal...

5. It'd be a landmark moment in British history.


This is the architectural jewel of Paris – and indeed France – and you'd be the first to sleep in it.

They've given OBEs for less.

7. There's football happening in France this summer.

NBC / Via

Hmm... Championships of the continental kind, perhaps?

Bet it would be pretty amazing to experience it from the host nation's capital...

9. You'd get to be THAT GUY at work.


"Oh, what did I get up to this summer? I went to Paris."

"Cool, where'd you stay?"

"Oh, the Eiffel Tower."


...etc., etc.

10. The acoustics are sensational.

Fox / Via

Perfect for belting out "Hello" at the top of your lungs. Your neighbours wouldn't be able to do anything but stand up and applaud.

(Y'know, if you had any neighbours.)

11. It's like taking an elevator straight up to the "crème de la crème" level of society.

Yuri_Acurs / Getty Images

The architect, Gustave Eiffel, did originally build a tiny office on the third level, only to keep it for himself and refused to rent it out to anyone.

On the rare occasion he did allow a guest up, it was the likes of Thomas Edison. So you'd be in pretty decent company.

The Eiffel Tower is, of course, the ultimate place to stay but check out these other jaw-dropping vacation homes you can rent on HomeAway.

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