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12 Reasons To Spend A Night In The Eiffel Tower

Would you like a night's stay at the Eiffel Tower? HomeAway has the details...

1. You'd be the first tourist to sleep there...ever.

2. High-quality social media content.

3. Plus, those sweet views.

4. It's surprisingly good value for money.

5. It'd be a landmark moment in US history.

6. Great Wi-Fi.

7. There's soccer happening in France this summer.

8. Parisian takeout is awesome.

9. You'd get to be THAT GUY at work.

10. The acoustics are sensational.

11. It's like taking an elevator straight up to the "crème de la crème" level of society.

12. It's, y'know, THE EIFFEL TOWER!

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