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    Jan 11, 2018

    This D.C. Club Is Bringing All Of Your Childhood Memories To Life

    90's kids rejoice.

    Break out your shoulder pads. Dust off your jelly sandals. Take a knife to your Aeropostle jeans. Grab your favorite Spice Girls tee and start screaming "it's Britney, bitch" because Decades—a 12,000 square foot mega bar in Washington, D.C.—is reviving your childhood.

    Courtesy of Decades

    The four story club features themed floors from the 80's, 90's, 2000's and today, so you can ~find~ yourself while you get ~lost~ in time.

    Courtesy of Decades

    Each themed floor features its own unique art, music and lights to emulate the appropriate decade. (Like the 80's floor, where you'll find throwback decor and films like Back to the Future streaming on floor-to-ceiling projector screens.)

    Courtesy of Decades

    Locals flock for the Throwback Thursday, Flashback Friday and Rewind Saturday parties every week, and an upscale atmosphere in the heart of our nation's capital draws young professionals from all over the DMV.

    Photo by Holly Rhue

    Left to Right: Harry Fischer, Collin Smith and Stephen Fleming celebrate New Year's Eve at Decades.

    Reps from the club boast that "graffiti, gadgets, gear and more are also showcased throughout the space, celebrating everything we love about the energy and excitement of club culture and club-friendly sounds of all genres from music’s most exciting eras." Ah, tastes like my middle school angst.

    The club is prettier than me TBH and the retro sounds are hard to beat, so put on an unfortunate amount of Wet n' Wild eyeliner and make it a night to remember (or forget).

    Courtesy of Decades
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