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    So, Kanye Released A New Song

    Kanye's new song is sort of awesome awesome... until it's not. But even then, it still might be awesome? We'll let you decide.

    Kanye dropped a new song and we were all like... whaaaaaat?

    But, we did some more research.

    Apparently, Kanye's song "Lift Yourself" is regarding his praise for Donald Trump. We don't really get it, since all he says in the song is pretty much... nothing?

    He uses the word "poop" a lot.

    After about two minutes of the groovy remix, Kanye comes in saying... well we don't really know what he's saying.

    "Poopy-di scoop
    Whoopity-scoop, whoop-poop
    Poop-diddy, whoop-scoop
    Poop, poop
    Whoop-diddy-scoop, poop"

    Haven't heard the song yet?

    Listen to it here.