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    Things You Should ACTUALLY Do When You Visit Seattle

    As a local Seattle native, I can say these (mostly) underrated activities are totally worth your limited time in the city.

    Electric Boat/Hot Tub Boat Rental

    Visit Seattle

    These easy to drive, smooth sailing boats are worth your time in Seattle. Bring some food, get some people, and enjoy a few hours riding on Lake Union! Now if this is not appealing enough for you, you have another option... Hot tub boats! It is exactly like its name, a drivable hot tub! With the wheel right by your side, Enjoy sitting back with a beer while sailing on the water!

    Seafood Restarants

    Seattle Magazine

    Seattle does not have world-famous seafood for no reason! Do not waste your time with the crappy take out pizza, grab your heavy wallets, and get your mouth full of some crab!

    Pioneer Square

    Seattle and Sound

    Full of galleries and other hidden nooks, strolling around pioneer square is definitely an underrated sightseeing spot. When you visit here though, keep your eye out for the surrounding homeless people and keep your belongings with you. All though I may be spoiling the appeal of it, Its full of leisure and history!

    Museum of Pop Culture (MO-POP)


    This is my personal favorite museum in the Seattle area. Not only does it share the Seattle "grunge-era" story, it has exhibits on movies, more music, video games, and so much more. I mean, it is called the Museum of POP CULTURE. My personal recommendation is visit this along with other sites in Seattle Center. If you did not know already, Seattle Center is the area near/around the space needle. This includes a huge park with a water feature, playground, Chihuly Glass Museum ( SO AWESOME), Pacific Science Center (great if you have kids), and obviously, the space needle. The best way to visit all of these places is my the metro that goes all around Seattle Center. In conclusion, MOPOP is pretty freaking cool and interactive too! One of my favorite activities there is the soundproof studios you ca rock out in! complete with drums, piano, a guitar, and a mic, you cant miss out!

    Pike Place Market

    Eater Seattle

    I'm aware you are probably planning on going here considering it is one of the most, if not THE MOST well known spot in the city but I figured you should take some advice from me before you go here. First, don't make watching the fish toss your first priority when you go to the market. Is it entertaining? Yes, but its two guys tossing a fish a yelling a lot with tons of people watching all crowded together. Instead, go look at fresh produce or flowers to buy! They are all the freshest you can get and the flowers are hand arranged! Whenever I go to the market I eat at "The Athenian." You may recognize the name of this restaurant from the movie "Sleepless in Seattle," (Tom Hanks filmed scenes here.) Not only can you sit where the man, the myth, the legend sat, they also have really great food and rad views of the water where the ferries and huge ships sail by. I also thought I should say that the gum wall is cool if you want photos to post on social media I guess but its pretty gross. I'm not necessarily speaking about the thousands of pieces of chewed gum on the wall, the area its in is very sketchy and dirty-feeling. Just thought I would let you know:)

    University of Washington

    Demographic Perspectives

    Whether you are going here to visit the cherry blossoms or not, walking around campus is really cool. I start near the stadium, than go up the metro stairs, walk to the beautiful fountain, to red square, walk inside Suzzallo Library, go to the quad, and head near U village (outdoor shopping mall area.) The campus has lots of history to see and even a Starbucks or two!

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