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20 Places You Can't Miss

The world is full fantasy, and there are always some natural wonders to update our understanding of nature. Can not help but impressed by the art of nature. Here, let's enjoy the world famous big wonders.

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Love Tunnel - Ukraine

It is a lumber plant transport railway has become the world's most romantic a train road, the tunnel is about 2 miles, the locals call the tunnel "love tunnel", many couples come here to make a wish.

Monument Valley - Arizona

The deposits of the ancient Rocky Mountains were deposited and converted into sandstones, and as a result of the increasing pressure on the strata, the rupture of the surface rupture and the gradual formation of canyons, coupled with the erosion of wind and rain, became what we saw today. Don't forget to take a stainless steel travel mug with you.

Fluorescent Beach - Maldives

"Fluorescent Beach", also known as "Martian Tide", formed by the luminous plankton, this phenomenon is in the Maldives honeymoon Will Ho accident found at the beach, after which people began to this light-emitting beach called "blue tears."

Gansu - China

Gansu Zhangye Danxia landform is located in Linze County and Sunan County, where thousands of cliffs all show a bright Dan Dan color and reddish brown, against each other were their gods.

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