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Harry Potter School Supplies That Will Make Your Year Magical!

Sadly we did not get any cheating quills :P

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1. Hogwarts House Sticky Notes

By PinkPopsicleStudio

2. Some Magical Harry Potter Pencil Wands

By TedNTads

3. And to put those in one of these Hogwarts House Pencil Case

By TheBraveLittleTailor

4. And Hermione would be proud of these Harry Potter Printable Bookmarks

By Artsy-Fartsy

5. But if you want something a bit more fancy you can get this two in one Harry Potter Pen and Bookmark (you can get basically anyones wand!)

By Ebay

6. Or maybe these Personalised Harry Potter Rulers

By Personalise it products

7. A Harry Potter Pen (not cheating quills sadly). They have one each for Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw one.

By Noble Collection

8. A Harry Potter backpack for witches and wizards

By AliExpress

9. And you'll need a wizard laptop case to cover up the muggle side of it. This is for a MacBook Air but you could probably get one to fit the laptop you have :)

By Ebay

10. And of course a Harry Potter Lunch Box where you store your chocolate frogs :)

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