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16 Heartbreaking Confessions From Survivors Of Sexual Assault

Survivors of sexual assault are using the Whisper app to anonymously share their stories about the realities of being a survivor. WARNING: This post contains graphic language describing sexual assault.

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Sexual assault survivors have been sharing their stories digitally for years. In 2006, RAINN launched an online hotline for victim support; since their inception, Twitter and Tumblr have become major platforms for speaking out. The app Whisper now joins in that tradition, with one key distinction: Whisper is completely anonymous and its confessions aren't linked to specific accounts. The confessions listed here deal with everything from childhood sexual abuse to workplace assault, dealing with PTSD and the difficulties of deciding to report.

A general warning: this post contains graphic language describing sexual assault. The Whisper app allows users to post these confessions over generic stock photo images or over images of their own choosing, particularly graphic images have been blurred here.