Steaks, Butts, And Babies: The Key To Everyone’s Heart On “Parks And Rec”

Ben goes to Partridge to get the key to the city but what we really learn (cue sentimental music) is how to win the key to everyone’s heart. Also, that Ben is the best high person.

1. The key to Ron’s heart: Telling him he’s won free steak.

2. The key to Leslie’s heart: Cheesy pics that commemorate adorable 18 year old Ben, former mayor of Partridge.

3. The other key to Leslie’s heart? Ben’s butt.


And whew don’t even get her started about when he talks numbers! *swoons*

Important reminder: Ben was actually the worst mayor ever…

4. The key to Ben’s heart? Just get him high and you’ll find out.

Ben missing the key to the city ceremony because of his Kidney stones is the best thing that’s ever happened because that town is the worst but also because high Ben is the best.

6. Smurfs?

7. Whatever’s happening here?

8. The Price is Right?

I don’t even know, Ben. You just go ahead and feed that bronze eagle, you kind beautiful human.

9. The key to Chris and Anne’s heart: A touching commitment to unconditionally loving their child.

…their nonexistent child, but still, so cute guisee!

10. The key to Donna’s heart: Sexiness. Obvi.

Watch out, Anne! She might just snatch your man…

11. Despite everything that got in the way of Ben receiving his key to the city, Leslie reminds us all about what’s really important.

12. Who needs the key to a loser city when you have this?

But what we also learned this week is the way to lose the key to Ron Swanson’s heart:

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