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    Posted on Aug 7, 2013

    24 Shocking Pieces Of Evidence That Beyoncé May Actually Be Human


    1. Her beautiful, magical thighs are actually reinforced with four layers of stockings.

    2. She talks shit and likes to gloat when she wins.

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    Seriously, just look at her gloating.

    3. She gets excited to go home and just hang out with her hubby.

    4. She has silly handshakes with her friends to the tune of Inspector Gadget.

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    5. Like most people, she's sensitive about her work.

    6. And she gets nervous all the time.

    Christopher Polk/Getty Images / Via

    7. She does corny dances in sweat pants.

    Via: Tumblr

    8. She gets boogers!

    9. She jams out.

    10. Relatedly, she also enjoys air guitar-ing it out.

    11. She takes trill selfies.

    12. She gets star struck.

    13. She sometimes comes in on the wrong part of a song.

    14. Even though she's the world's biggest pop star, she still has to worry about things like people getting lighting right for black women.

    15. She also still has to deal with a daily reality for many women — the harassers who think it is fucking OK just to touch a woman's butt.

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    16. She bikes (to her concert at the Barclay's Center... but still, she bikes!).

    17. Sometimes she reminds us that the center of gravity does not actually revolve around her.

    18. She is not amazing at everything (*gasp*).

    19. Sometime she puts aside her humble, poised demeanor to let y'all know what the deal is.

    Via: Tumblr

    20. She writes from a vulnerable place.

    21. She's been scorned by a man. I don't know who this human is (who would break up with Beyoncé?!), but she talks about it here:

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    22. Sometimes she just boldly asserts her humanity.

    23. She stares into the abyss and it stares back. Very human.

    24. You know that thing humans do where they just sprawl out and find a randomly comfortable position just chilling on the floor as they reflect on their life and wonder what they're even doing anymore?

    Beyoncé also does that.

    Oh, who am I kidding? Even in all these moments of humanness, Beyoncé manages to look like a god.

    Bow down, y'all.

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