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    "Go Book Yourself" Is The Tumblr Every Bookworm Needs

    "Book recommendations by humans, because algorithms are so 1984."

    The Tumblr Go Book Yourself helps book lovers with the biggest problem we face, what to read next!

    Created by Anna James, Daniel Dalton, and Rob Goodswen, the Tumblr gives recommendations based on books you already love from a variety of genres.

    Some of the recommendations include contemporary fiction like The Fault in Our Stars:

    Humourous young adult fiction like Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging:

    Adventure and fantasy like Game of Thrones:

    Rock star autobiographies like Scar Tissue:

    Young adult fantasy like A Monster Calls:

    Chinese/Japanese historical fiction centered around women like Shanghai Girls:

    Dark mysteries like Gone Girl:

    Contemporary adult fiction like May We Be Forgiven: