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    35 Awesome Mugs Every Coffee Lover Will Appreciate

    Get mugged.

    1. For the grumpy morning person:

    Buy here.

    2. For the nerdy romantic:

    3. For the writer who needs inspiration:

    4. For the Doctor Who fan:

    5. For the badass:

    6. For the cookie lover:

    Buy here.

    7. For the gamer:

    8. For the sardonic feminist:

    9. For the gun fanatic who's also really into floral prints:

    10. For the romanitc:

    11. For the snarky designer:

    12. For the Pac-Man fanatic:

    13. For the messy creative:

    14. For the poet:

    15. For the person who doesn't want to get their mustache wet:

    16. For the photographer:

    17. For the person who is not fond of sharing their mug:

    18. For the animal lover:

    19. For the person who wants their coffee to always be hot:


    Learn more about this design by Ryan Jongwoo Choi here.

    20. For the Harry Potter fan:

    21. For the thinker:

    "Hot beverage makes his worries disappear, to be replaced by the soothing thought of a mug of coffee."

    Buy here.

    22. For those trying to have a little fun in the office:

    23. For the person obsessed with coasters:

    24. For the person who probably had a mood ring growing up:

    Buy here.

    25. For the post-modernist:

    26. For the person of faith:

    27. For the visually impaired:

    Designed by Sang-hoon Lee and Yong-bum Lim.

    28. For those who want a color matching guide:

    Buy here.

    29. For the prankster:

    30. For the eternal frat dood:

    31. For the doodler:

    32. For the tea-rex lovers:

    33. For Al Gore:

    34. For the lazy morning person:

    35. And for the person who's so committed to their love of Legos that they can ignore how much this is not fun to hold:

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