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When You Don't Know How To Get Rid Of Creative Block

I am a Part-Time blogger so I need a lot of creative thoughts for my future posts. I recently got sick and everything was COMPLETELY blocked from my thoughts, here's how I managed to fix it!

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1. Meditation

I'm not huge into meditating nor am I very knowledgeable in it but I did give it a try and it defiantly helped clear the negative "sick" thoughts.

2. Cleaning Myself Up

This one seems kinda obvious, but, it's NEEDED. I got myself out of my bed, showered and did my hair and makeup. I wasn't planning on going anywhere today but it made me feel a little creative with my face and made me feel a little more confident.

3. Building A Fun Snack

We all know that food is amazing. This step was really fun for me, plus I realised how badly I need to go grocery shopping, LOL. I went on Pinterest and literally just searched "Fun Foods" and I made a Rainbow Grilled Cheese from a recipe that I found. (Recipe linked)

4. Listen To Podcasts

My brain functions very well from listening to different things, whether it be: Music, Audio books or Podcasts. I'm even listening to my favorite podcast as i'm writing this! Everyone should find a podcast that really speaks to them and try to learn something from it.

5. Chatting With Friends

I myself am not a very social person, it defiantly takes a lot out of me to just make a phone call. So I decided to text a really go friend of mine and we just talked about work and projects we have coming up, then we ended up just sending memes back and forth. All the laughter from that really got the creative juices flowing!

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