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    How To Throw The Most Epic Dance Party Ever

    Are we human, or are we dancer?

    Put glow sticks in balloons on your front yard so people know where the party is.

    Build your own light up disco floor (if you're handy).

    Play music videos from your phone with this easy DIY projector made from a shoe box.


    Click here to get the full tutorial.

    The ultimate party necessitates a disco ball.

    Craft one up from old CDs and a styrofoam ball.

    Have a funky fan nearby to cool down from all that hot n' heavy dancing.


    Paint the blades fun colors so they'll whir with rainbow positivity all night long.

    The perfect lighting is essintial.


    A colander will create all sorts of cool designs on the ceiling.

    Add a glow stick chandelier for your grown-up rave party.

    Invest in this amazing sound system and the party goes where you go.


    Get the speaker vest for $850 from Etsy.

    Play the classic party pleasers.


    I'm talking "Now That's What I Call Music" 1990s Edition and "Club MTV Party to Go "Volumes 1-4.

    Snacks make your guests happy.


    Wrap cotton candy around glow sticks.


    Tonic water glows under black light, so get the recipe for glow-in-the-dark frosting here.

    Make sure the guys aren't just sitting around.

    As they are prone to do.

    Always invite that one guy that will be sure to get the dance floor going.

    Refrain from inviting the parents.

    Lorimar / Full House

    Olds ruin everything.

    Have the classic dance moves down.

    The running man.

    And the twerk.

    Don't be afraid to shake it.

    And get the dance battle started.

    Be completely prepared and well stocked.


    A drunk crowd is a dancing crowd.

    Take a break from dancing to play some games.

    Paramount / Clueless / Via

    Ones that eventually result in making out are ideal.

    Don't leave anyone out, no matter how strange they are.

    Everyone needs a drink at all times.


    Get the recipe for Glowing Aurora Jungle Juice here.

    You may not remember everything.

    So be sure to have a designated person take pictures.

    Because you never know who will crash your party.

    Expectations for a dance party are high!

    Warner Bros. / The Great Gatsby

    But it's all about the company and making memories.

    Just be sure to clean the house really good for the next party.

    Twentieth Century Fox / Mrs. Doubtfire / Via

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