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    The 27 Stages Of Cutting Your Own Bangs

    Scissors: your greatest friend and worst enemy.

    1. I need a change...

    2. (But not a BIG change.)

    3. I know what I should do!

    4. I'll cut bangs!

    5. I've been wanting them for a while.

    6. I'll ask my friends what they think.

    7. Bangs are going to look good on me!

    8. But sometimes they can go so wrong!

    9. It'll be fine — I'll go easy with the hair spray.

    10. I just need to find a good picture to copy

    11. Something more realistic

    12. Something good for every day.

    13. You can't trust anyone but yourself to cut your hair.

    14. I'll watch a tutorial before.

    15. I'm going to take the plunge!

    16. Here goes nothing.

    17. Uh, this is bad...

    18. Why are they not laying perfectly flat on my forehead?

    19. Why are they getting in my way??

    20. Wait, so when I wake up I have to actually do my hair?!?

    21. I don't have time for this!

    22. I hate my bangs!

    23. But wait... I look pretty cute with them.

    24. And I feel...*quirky*

    25. OK, I can get used to this.

    26. fact, I'm loving it!

    27. I love my bangs!