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    Turn Plants Into Art With This DIY Vertical Garden

    Great for small apartments and gardening newbies alike.

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    Wood slabs 2 inch x 3/4 inch

    Picture frame

    Wire mesh
    Wood glue





    Staple gun
    Garden soil



    1. Take the picture frame and measure the wood slabs to fit each side.

    2. Screw slabs together to form a box outline.

    3. Glue on plywood to line the back of the box.

    4. For security screw on the backing into the frame.

    5. Measure out mesh sheet to fit the picture frame. Using a staple gun, secure all sides.

    6. Place the frame with the mesh onto the opening of the box.

    7. Hammer down the frame onto the box.

    8. Fill the box with soil. The soil will go through the mesh. Shake it around to fill all the corners.

    9. Moisten the soil with a spray bottle before planting plants.

    10. Use a pen or pencil to form a hole for the plants to fit in.

    11. Optional - lean it against the wall, or place hooks into the box frame and hang along any wall.

    12. Use a spray bottle to water the plants.

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