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Turn Dollar Store Frames Into Affordably Chic Terrariums

Centerpieces for less.

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1. Take out the backing and the glass of the picture frame and set it aside. Save the glass for later.

2. Spray paint frame to desired color. Let dry.

3. Glue the glass back onto the frame. Making sure it is securely on. Let dry for 2 hours.

4. Line glue along one side of the frame. Connect each side with another frame forming a triangle. Tape the edges to secure until glue is dry.

5. On the foam board, place the frame and outline the triangle.

6. Set the frames aside and cut out the foam.

7. Place glue along the bottom of the frames and place the foam board, making sure each corner is lined up. Dry for 2 hours.

8. Placing the foam side down, decorate and place any item to suit your household.

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