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    These Simple DIY Fire Starters Make Camping Easy

    Light it up.

    Not a campfire pro? No worries! These easy DIY fire starters get a blaze goin' in no time. Here's how to make them!

    Lint Carton Fire Pods


    * Candles, or any wax

    * Paper egg carton

    * Laundry lint

    * Scissors or box cutter


    # Melt any leftover candles or wax available.

    # In a egg carton (it has to be paper), place a cotton ball amount of lint into each pod.

    # Pour in melted wax until lint is fully submerged.

    # Let it dry and then cut each pod.

    # Light the edge on fire and place it in the fire pit.

    Match Candles


    * Matches

    * Toilet paper

    * Melted wax


    # Take one piece of toilet paper and cut it in half.

    # Roll the paper onto the match.

    # Dip the match into the melted wax and let it dry.

    # Before striking the match, make sure to scrape off the watch from the match head.

    Fire Balls


    * Cotton balls

    * Isopropyl alcohol

    * Petroleum jelly


    # Soak the cotton ball in alcohol. Squeeze the excess out.

    # Coat each cotton ball with petroleum jelly.

    # Keep it in a safe container.

    # Prior to lighting, make sure not to directly hold the cotton ball.

    # Place the cotton ball in the fire pit and carefully drop the match to ignite the fire balls.

    See the full how-to below:

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    Which fire starters will you make for your next campfire?

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