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Other Great Works Of David Tennant's

He's awesome

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1. United

Take "We Are Marshall" and "Rudy", throw it in 1950's England, and you essentially have "United", which is also based on a true story. Tennant plays Manchester United's assistant manager who helps bring the team together after an airplane crash practically decimates the whole team, journalists, and the team's supporters.

3. "The Catherine Tate Show"

In this sketch show, Tennant plays the fashionable Ghost of Christmas Present, who shows Nan (Tate) the hardships of the present to make her a better person. Tate and Tennant also worked together in "Doctor Who", with Tate playing the companion Donna for [3?] seasons.

4. YouTube

In this Doctor Who spoof (which can be found here-, David Tennant switches roles and plays a companion instead of the Doctor. And he's in a dress and heels, because he's a classy man/lady.

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