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12 Optical Illusions That You Have To See To Believe

The art of illusion! Tune in to Houdini to learn about the master of illusions: Two-night event begins Sept. 1 at 9/8c, only on HISTORY!

1. Stare at the center, and the "missing dot" becomes a green dot.

2. Where did the missing square go?

3. These rectangles are moving at the same, constant speed:

4. But this alligator's head isn't moving at all:

5. Stare at the green dot, and the yellow dots will begin to disappear.

6. Is this woman spinning clockwise or counterclockwise?

7. Is the train going into the tunnel or out of it?

8. This drawing is not animated:

9. This gray bar never changes color:

10. And neither does this piece of paper:

11. This pointer is totally straight:

12. Stare at the center dot, and the white shapes turn colored.

See the master illusionist at work in Houdini: