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11 Terrible Ways To Trick Out Your Boring Car

If you've got an old, boring car, don't despair. There are things you can do to trick it out! Check out these innovative, non-traditional car improvements brought to you by Counting Cars. To see real pros, restoring real badass cars, catch the series premiere on HISTORY, Tue., April 9 at 9/8C.

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1. Hang a dog out the window

But tell him to look cool.

But tell him to look cool.

2. Make your own hood ornament

Miguel B / Via Flickr: mig

3. Add a pool

4. Upgrade the upholstery

Lulu Hoeller / Via Flickr: toaireisdivine

5. Illuminate your rims

6. Install a kick-ass spoiler

Bill Stilwell / Via Flickr: icathing

7. Paint it to look like your favorite restaurant

Bartleby78 / Via Flickr: 99367743@N00

8. Add 76-inch tractor tires

9. Airbrush a wizard on it

Belindah / Via Flickr: belindah

10. Install Lamborghini doors

MïK / Via Flickr: mikeyworld

11. And last, but not least, give it a set of nuts