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    Posted on Jul 27, 2016

    12 Actual Animals To Look At Until The Pokémon Go Servers Come Back Online

    Gotta catch 'em all! (Please don't attempt to catch any of these animals.)

    Oh, "Pokémon Go's" servers are down? Big surprise there. Guess we'll need to find something else to hold us over until they're back up?

    Well, if we can't catch digital Pokémon, at least we can look at some real life examples of animals that are essentially Pokémon themselves...

    1. Here we have a dark-type Pokémon:

    Ullstein Bild / Getty Images

    These are called Caracals. The ears are definitely something you'd see on a dark-type Pokémon, right?

    Ullstein Bild / Getty Images

    Name: Caracal
    National №: #722
    Type: Dark

    I'm definitely catching this one...

    2. Apparently one of these critters was used as inspiration for an actual Pokémon.

    Junko Kimura / Getty Images

    Apparently the Pokémon "Fennekin" was modeled after the fennec fox itself. (You'll recognize Fennekin as one of the three starter Pokemon from "Pokemon X/Y".)

    Not sure what they're like in real life, but it must be a crime to be this cute.

    Junko Kimura / Getty Images

    Name: Fennec

    National №: #723

    Type: Normal/Fire

    I'll bet it's super-elegant when it's grown...


    Dea / Getty Images

    Name: Shoebill

    National №: #724
    Type: Steel/Flying

    This is the shoebill, a bird that's a common sight in many a zoos. Can't you just hear that Kanto region music pop into your head when you look at it?

    4. Better suited for a Pokémon Contest rather than a gym battle, don't you think?

    Dea / Getty Images

    Name: Klipspringer

    National №: #725
    Type: Ice

    This little guy is so cute, you'd hate to see him battle, wouldn't you? Better to have him stick to the beauty contests instead.

    5. These look like the type of Pokémon you'd find in a cave.

    Ullstein Bild / Getty Images

    Name: Fossa
    National №: #726
    Type: Ground/Dark

    These are extremely common, but very weak. (Well, at least they would be if they were Pokémon.)

    6. Now here's a rabbit that can fly.

    Bethany Clarke / Getty Images

    Name: Angora Rabbit
    National №: #727
    Type: Normal/Flying

    This fluffy little critter can fly, and there is absolutely no way you can convince me otherwise.

    7. Look at these undersea beauties...

    Ullstein Bild / Getty Images

    Name: Sea Slug

    National №: #728

    Type: Fairy

    There are a ton of sea slug varieties, and a lot of them seem like they'd fit the fairy-type mold.

    8. Except this one. This one is definitely a legendary Pokémon.

    De Agostini Picture Library / Getty Images

    Name: Sea Slug

    National №: #729

    Type: Water/Psychic

    It's probably pretty small (it's a sea slug, after all), but just looking at it, doesn't it remind you of Lugia or Kyogre? Make this a legendary Pokémon, Nintendo!

    9. And here's a legendary you might find in a forrest region...

    Dea / Getty Images

    Name: Blackbuck

    National №: #730

    Type: Grass/Fairy

    It looks like the type of Pokémon that would revitalize nature wherever it stepped.

    10. Why does this guy look so dignified?

    Peter Charlesworth / Getty Images

    Name: Philippine Eagle

    National №: #731

    Type: Ice/Flying

    Now here's an eagle that practically screams, "I am legendary!"

    11. Move over Poochyena, there's a new fanged Pokémon in town.

    Francis Apesteguy / Getty Images

    Name: Musk Deer

    National №: #732

    Type: Normal/Psychic

    You could expect to find a lot of these guys roaming around the Safari Zone. (But only at night, of course.)

    12. "But it was so cute before it evolved..."

    Afp / AFP / Getty Images

    Name: Leopard Seal

    National №: #733

    Type: Water/Dark

    Granted, it cuts a pretty imposing figure at this point, but you know he was a cute little seal-like Pokémon for his first couple evolutions.

    Barcroft / Getty Images

    When he evolves, he gets a lot stronger, but a lot less lovable.

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