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10 Green Flags Hinge’s Dating Expert Says LGBTQ+ Daters Should Look For

When it comes to dating as an LGBTQIA+ person, there are a number of green flags to look for. Hinge’s Love and Connection Expert Moe Ari Brown is a licensed therapist, member of the queer community, and professional green flag spotter who is here to help you identify great qualities in a date.

1. Your date asks your pronouns.

2. Your date listens and ask questions.

3. They ask your astrological sign.

4. Your date discusses your relationship style.

5. If you disagree on topics, your date still respects your opinion.

6. The way they communicate is open and matches your own.

7. The date itself moves at a comfortable pace.

8. You both discuss how to pay the bill.

9. They invite you to happy hour at their fave gay bar.

10. Ultimately, you feel like you're having fun when you're around them.

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