16 Animals Who Need A Vacation

Everyone needs a vacation sometimes. These animals are long overdue. If you feel the same, enter to win a Great Weekend Getaway from Hilton HHonors by answering the call of travel before August 22, 2013.

1. This cat who has sworn off seafood for a while.

2. This penguin who has a hard time making friends.

3. This dog who had a really long day at the office.

4. This squirrel who wasn’t hurting anybody, geez.

5. This dog that just can’t do anything right.

6. This mom that just can’t catch a break.

7. This cat that knows he has to lose a little weight so just get off his back, okay?

8. This lizard who can’t help but be clumsy.

9. This cat that just doesn’t care anymore. What’s the point?

10. This bear who nobody takes seriously.

11. This pug whose husband left the toilet seat up.

12. This manatee that has terrible depth perception.

13. This dog that is just “resting his eyes.”

14. This cat that is sick and tired of trying to impress you.

15. This dog who can’t stand up to his bully no matter how hard he tries.

16. This cat who’s having an existential crisis.

We feel ya buddy, we feel ya.

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