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Road Trip Car Hacks

Hit the road with these Nifty road trip hacks, then book a room with Embassy Suites. #BRINGIT

Road Trip Car Hacks


Mini Trash Can

1 laundry pod box


Box cutter

1 small bag


Snack Tower

3 small tupperware containers

Electric drill

1 foot of rope

1 climbing clip


*Snack Tower inspired by Comic Con Family


Seatbelt Cover

Fabric of choice, 10 inches x 6 inches

Fabric glue

Velcro strip, 4½ inches



Mini Trash Can

1. After finishing the last of your laundry pods, take the container’s top off.

2. Draw a line around the center edge.

3. Cut, using a box cutter.

4. Place bag in the box and place the cut top on.

5. Decorate to your desire.

6. Enjoy your clean car!


Snack Tower

1. Take each tupperware container and drill one hole in the top and bottom, as centered as possible.

2. Cut the rope to 1 foot; tie and knot at the bottom.

3. String the rope through one of the tupperware containers.

4. Continue this process for all three of the containers.

5. Tie a knot around the hook.

6. Fill with snacks of choice and hang on the back of the front seats.

7. Enjoy!


Seatbelt Cover

1. Cut fabric to desired size.

2. Cut velcro to length of fabric.

3. Peel back off velcro strip and stick onto fabric; add fabric glue, if necessary.

4. Once dry, fold together over your seatbelt.

5. Enjoy!