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13 Reasons You Should Get The Heck Out Of Canada

Before it's too late...

1. Why anyone would live in Canada in the first place is seriously confusing.

2. With whimsical forests?

3. And those weird-looking Bye-agara falls? Yeah, no thank you.

4. All those sunrises over mountaintops? Gross.

5. Canadians should be ashamed of their despicable cityscapes...

6., SERIOUSLY ashamed.

7. Those coastlines can go home.

8. And places like Old Quebec City?

9. Yawn.

10. Prince Eh-ward Island has no room for you.

11. Neither does Nope-a Scotia.

12. So if you haven't taken the hint yet, Canada clearly doesn't want you here.

13. So you better fly South.

On second thought, perhaps Canada IS the place to be. Ready to book your next summer vacation? Better stop clicking around and start booking today with Hilton.