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Clever Car Packing Tips

Road trip? BRING IT. With these tips, you’ll be a packing pro. Cruise into Home2 Suites by Hilton for your next getaway.

Clever Car Packing Tips


Wood surface, tailored for the size of your trunk

4 hinges

4 wooden legs, 16 inches

24 nails

Paint (optional)

4 plastic drawers

Colored tape

2 suction cup hooks

Electric drill or screwdriver


1. Take the wood surface and screw in the hinges.

2. Take the wooden legs and screw on the other side of the hinges.

3. Paint, optional.

4. Place collapsible table in the trunk of your car.

5. Fill plastic bins with desired items and label accordingly, using the colored tape.

6. Place two bins under the table and two on top.

7. Stick suction cups to the side windows and hang desired items, such as a neck pillow or a backpack.

8. Place duffle bags and other items in front of the bins.

9. Place any extra necessities in front of the draws.

10. Close the trunk and head off on your adventure!