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Watch These Artists Turn Designer Sweaters Into Balls Of Yarn

Wait! Don't!

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Here's the catch: The sweaters are all from last season (Fall/Winter '13).

Lernert and Sander

The piece is aptly named "Last Season."

"The ever running pace of the fashion seasons made us want to create something unwinding. And so we focused on the sweaters who just were in the spotlight but now were kicked from their pedestal by the new season," the duo explained in an email to BuzzFeed. "By slowly deconstructing these expensive knitwear sweaters from last season to their base we created one more moment of glory. Symbols of hope."


And the result does look really great.

Lernert and Sander

The project was commissioned by a boutique in Maastricht, Netherlands (they provided the sweaters), to coincide with Europe's largest art fair, which has been taking place there over the past week.

Last year, the team did a project called "Everything," in which they mixed together every perfume launched in 2012.

Lernert Sander

That meant collecting almost 1,400 samples. "We certainly love to create something new from something existing and inject fashion with some humor and reflection," they explained.