H&M’s New Line Is A Straight-Up Copy Of "Zoolander"

If the menswear from H&M’s new collaboration with fashion house Maison Martin Margiela looks ridiculous, maybe that’s because Hansel and Zoolander wore it first. “So hot right now.”

1. Notice the similar pattern.

2. One of the models even has shaggy, disheveled Hansel hair.

3. Powder blue is a key hue.

4. As is not-so-subtle silver.

5. Shearling? Check.

6. Fur, of course.

7. And Margiela x H&M’s cross-body guitar-shaped murse has a flavor of Hansel’s cross body scooter bag.

Check out the rest of the collection here, including the women’s stuff, which sadly has fewer Zoolander reference points.

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