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13 Better Ways To Spend The $4B Tax Break Trump Wants To Give Trump

Money management 101.

If you believe Donald Trump is as rich as he says he is, his tax proposal includes a $4 billion tax break for his own family.

As in $4,000,000,000. As in nine zeroes.

1. To put that in practical terms, $4 billion could buy 76,292,199.12 years' worth of toilet paper.

2. Or 4 billion $1 slices.

3. It could buy a movie studio.

4. Or a trip to space for you and 399 of your closest friends.

Not including lodging.

5. Real talk tho: $4 billion could provide free community college for 1.1 million students.

6. Or eliminate student loan debt for 136,000 people.

7. Sure, $4 billion could buy you 133 million Instagram followers...

8. ...but it could also make sure every home in America has broadband access.

9. That money could close the average gender wage gap for 371,000 women.

10. It could provide a year's worth of health care for 3 million children...

11. ...and fund more than a year of HIV/AIDS research.

12. Four billion could construct two new Golden Gate bridges...

13. ...and build 1,600 miles of High Speed Rail track.

TL;DR: Trump wants to give himself a $4 billion tax break, and spoiler — $4 billion is a lot of money. Let's be careful how we spend it, America.

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