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    This Video Of A Scottish Grandfather Laughing At "Pie Face" Is Almost Too Much

    It also proves there's nothing funnier than a pie to the face.

    A video of Lanarkshire granddad Budgie playing "Pie Face" with his grandson Jayden recently went viral thanks to Budgie's infectious laugh...and the fact they both end up getting cream thrown in their face:


    In case you haven't heard of it, "Pie Face" is a game where players take turns to twist a spring-loaded dial that may or may not launch something sticky at their face. It's basically Russian Roulette, but with squirty cream in place of bullets.

    The suspense-filled game starts out calmly enough. First Budgie has a try...


    But he escapes unscathed.

    Then it's Jayden's turn. He has to turn the handle three times.

    He tries to get away with turning it twice, but Budgie's not having any of it.

    It's at this point that Budgie really starts to crack up.


    His laugh is amazing.

    Budgie has another go - in between laughing fits.


    Things are getting really tense now.

    Jayden takes his turn. He has to move the lever four times. Budgie is pretty much wetting himself by this point. Could this be it?


    Let's see that again in slow motion...



    Budgie totally, completely loses it at this point. Surely no one has ever laughed so long, or infectiously.



    Budgie's a great sport though: He takes another turn so that Jayden can get revenge.



    Scottish grandfathers are the best. You can watch the whole video below.

    View this video on YouTube

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