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    Jul 27, 2017

    12 Dogs Who Just Cannot Figure Out What To Do With Their Tongues

    It's okay, pups. You'll figure it out.

    1. Hey bud, your tongue... it's not in the right place...

    2. Um, yeah. It's kind of... sticking out of the right side of your face.

    3. It really should be, you know, inside your mouth.

    4. It's off-center! This is a disgrace.

    5. I get that you're relaxed, but you seem a little too relaxed.

    6. You look very dignified... except for your mouth, of course.

    7. You can't even get through a walk without that dumb ole' tongue of yours hanging out.

    8. Listen, you're clearly at the height of excitement right now. I can understand how things might shift out of place.

    9. This guy's tongue fully shifted in ↗️ that direction.

    10. You're a mess, dude. An adorable mess. A dangly, adorable mess.

    11. Um, you forgot to put something away.

    12. Even Mr. Samoyed here has moments when his tongue is off-centered and hanging out. It can happen to anyone.

    Rohappy / Getty Images

    No one can possibly hate these dogs!

    This post was translated from Japanese.

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