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The Dos And Don’ts Of Traveling For Business

Business in the front. Always. Do #staysmart on your next business trip, but don’t forget to enjoy yourself a little.

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DON’T: stash away extra food.


The cinnamon rolls are super good, but let's get real: you'll probably only end up with extra crumbs at the bottom of your bag and the discovery of a smushed two-week-old cinnamon roll somewhere down the road.

DO: take some time to relax in your hotel room.


Relaxation is important. Take the time to sit back after a long day of meetings — you'll come off as more knowledgeable and trustworthy if you're feeling Zen at your big presentation.

DON’T: sleep in the next morning.


Don't be afraid to take advantage of your wake-up call. Nothing feels worse than arriving late and frazzled to an appointment you traveled hundreds of miles for.