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The Dos And Don’ts Of Traveling For Business

Business in the front. Always. Do #staysmart on your next business trip, but don’t forget to enjoy yourself a little.

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DO: splurge on legroom.


Business trips can be overwhelming — set aside some extra money to get a little upgrade that'll make a big difference on your flight.

DON’T: splurge on airplane spirits.


Alcohol can be extra dehydrating on flights. If you do drink, make sure you compensate with tons of water in between cocktails.

DO: take advantage of your free breakfast.


You'll want to be efficient when you have appointments in an unfamiliar town — free breakfasts can be a quick way to get some food in the morning.

DON’T: stash away extra food.


The cinnamon rolls are super good, but let's get real: you'll probably only end up with extra crumbs at the bottom of your bag and the discovery of a smushed two-week-old cinnamon roll somewhere down the road.

DO: take some time to relax in your hotel room.


Relaxation is important. Take the time to sit back after a long day of meetings — you'll come off as more knowledgeable and trustworthy if you're feeling Zen at your big presentation.

DON’T: miss out on seeing the town.


Recreation is also important. Laughter is a proven stress reliever, so don't forget the fun!

DO: enjoy the entertainment provided.


Can you say "premium movie channels"?! Everyone needs a good distraction after a big day of work.

DON’T: sleep in the next morning.


Don't be afraid to take advantage of your wake-up call. Nothing feels worse than arriving late and frazzled to an appointment you traveled hundreds of miles for.

DO: hit your per diem.


You have it for a reason, and you'll be so glad to have a good meal to keep you energized throughout the day.

DON’T: overeat.


Don't buy food if you aren't hungry. Use extra funds on an e-book or travel upgrades.

DO: get your work done.


Treat your trip like a normal business day. Just because you're not home doesn't mean those emails aren't waiting for you in your inbox.

DON’T: exhaust yourself.


Just because you are traveling for work doesn't mean you need to be working 'round the clock. Don't be afraid to enjoy downtime just like you would at home!