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12 Backpacking Hacks That Are Vital For Business Trips

Backpackers are the wizards of travel. Take their wisdom and #staysmart on your next adventure at Holiday Inn Express.

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2. Toothpaste Dots


Instead of bringing your big tube of toothpaste, you can brush your teeth with these minty dots, which are super helpful when you're traveling through airport after airport. Just harden a few drops for about a week — they're easy to make, cut down on toiletry bulk, and can even be carried on flights.

3. The Bottle Buddy

Water wings are a great tool for keeping fragile items safe — whether that's a handmade souvenir or a bottle of wine for a potential client. Inflate the water wing around the item and deflate it to save room when needed!

4. The Phone Bag

Backpackers are all about cutting out bulk. Use your phone for all in-flight entertainment by putting it in a bag and clipping it to the tray table in front of you. Voila! instant personal home theater.

7. The Belted Collar

Backpackers know the most efficient way to pack clothes is to roll them... but that doesn't work for collared shirts. Instead, wrap your belt up and stick it in the collar to keep your shirts crisp while in your luggage.

9. Straw Packets

Fill the end of the straw with antiseptic cream. Cut it, then burn both ends to seal it! This is a great trick that helps when you're living out of a backpack, but it's also useful when you're rushing to make your flight on a business trip and have to carry on your bag. You can fill it with whatever you want actually... so. Full directions here.

11. The Savior Charger

We've all experienced that moment when we realize our phone is about to die and there's no outlet in sight. Invest in a battery charger to save the day when you know you'll need to find directions out of the jungle... or if you just need to check emails. This solar-powered charger is pretty neat.

12. The Old Empty Bottle Scam

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Carry an empty water bottle through security, then fill it up on the other side for a nice free refreshment. It's the newest "oldest trick" in the book.